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52 marathons within one year of United States of America

David Redor – A new great achievement in Seattle: four marathons in four days! [49]

Between November 24 and 27, David Redor ran four marathons in four days at the famous Seattle Quadzilla, a four-race event of Godzilla-like proportions… thus its name!

Redor ran the first race of the Quadzilla – the ‘Wattle Waddle’ – on Thanksgiving Day. He ran the 27 miles of the ‘Wishbone Run’ along the Green River Trail in Tukwila on Friday 25, then the course of the ‘Ghost of the Seattle Marathon’ at Seward Park Saturday 26, before finishing off the Quadzilla with the Seattle marathon, on Sunday, November 27.

The Seattle marathon was the 49th run on the original list of his 2016 challenge. However, it was actually the 76th marathon run by David Redor this year. While crisscrossing the country to run one marathon each week in each state, Redor took the opportunity to participate in many more marathons. At first he added one or two marathons a week, then added four to end up running one marathon a day…

Let him tell us the story of his forth run in Seattle. The Seattle marathon is one of the largest marathon in the Pacific Northwest.

Amica Seattle Marathon: A great finish!

Welcome to Seattle for the Quadzilla! I ran the first three races of this quadruple race on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in difficult conditions as the weather was not welcoming: It was cold and windy with rain the first two days. And on Sunday morning, I completed the Quadzilla with the Seattle Marathon.

I got up at 6 a.m. that Sunday, took three packets of my papaya food supplement, Immun’Âge®, before eating a delicious pink grapefruit. I dressed as warmly as the previous three days as cold weather was forecasted again. I also had to pack my suitcase. Just after the race, I had planned to take a plane to Baton Rouge, where I had registered for another marathon.

I drove downtown and parked not far away from the start. I was a bit early and stayed warm in my car for a while. At 7:05 a.m. I headed to the starting area. The race start was scheduled for 7:30. Once there, – big surprise! – the start was postponed to 8:15 to let the walkers start first! No comment. I had predicted this would happen… The runners had to wait 45 minutes in the cold…

With the marathon starting at 7:30 a.m., I had enough time to catch my plane to Baton Rouge, but, with the race starting 45 minutes later, I surely could not dawdle. I protected myself from the wind inside Memorial Stadium where the finish line was located. I walked and moved as much as possible so as to not get cold. I finally left for the start and the race for the genuine marathon runners started at 8:15!

We kicked off downtown running up and down several hills. It was not like San Francisco but it still was steep and rolling. My pace was good. We left the city and ran on a long highway ramp. The beginning of the run was not easy but my pace was steady and I reached km 5 in 30 minutes. We went on toward Mercer Island on a highway closed to traffic. We ran through several tunnels that protected us from the wind. However, at the tunnels’ exit, we got hit sideways by the freezing wind when we reached Washington Lake. We had to run to Mercer Island and back, and return to the banks of the lake. The wind was really cold and we could not relent.

I reached km 10 in 1:02. We turned back. The wind kept hitting us sideways. The scenery was so beautiful that I took a few pictures despite the bad weather. At km 13, we reached the banks of the lake and took the same course as the day before, with one change: We were no longer running on a trail but on a road closed to traffic. My pace was still steady and I reached km 15 in 1:34. We ran through Seward Park.

I reached km 20 in 2:06 and the half-marathon in 2:12, which was quite good for a 76th marathon. From this point on, feeling great, I started to speed up. At km 23, a runner came next to me. As she ran at the same pace as I, I stayed next to her and used her as pacemaker. She had shorter strides than me as she was shorter and her breathing indicated that she was pushing too hard. She sometimes sped up and I let her go. I did not want to play that game. I just wanted to focus on my pace. I caught up with her a few yards later.

I reached km 25 in 2:38. We ran along the lake towards downtown. The course was flat and I reached km 30 in 3:10. After a few short hills, we were faced with a steep uphill that everybody ended up walking. The long steep ascent that followed was quite difficult to manage at this point of the race. We then ran down towards a park where the course was flat with a few slight uphills.

My pace continued to be good and I reached km 35 in 3:44. I passed dozens of runners. The female runner was still next to me but she was breathing more and more heavily. She was now in the red. At km 37, I really sped up and she was not able to follow me. I never saw her again as I was about to finish strongly.

We were getting closer to downtown where we had to deal with a few slight up- and downhills that I ran very fast. I reached km 40 in 4:16 and I kept speeding up. I finished with large strides, running the 41st kilometer in five minutes. After a last slight uphill, I headed toward the straight stretch leading to Memorial Stadium. I ran the marathon distance in 4:29:26 and crossed the finish line in 4:30:07.

I got my medal and ran to my car. It started to rain, I had been lucky! I was able to catch my plane on time. I had a good run today, with a good time to finish off this quadruple marathon run in less than easy conditions.

Let’s meet next Sunday for the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon … just after a quintuple marathon in San Antonio and the Baton Rouge marathon that I intend to run this week. Have a nice week!


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