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52 marathons within one year of United States of America

David Redor: 52nd marathon of his incredible 2016 challenge – A marathon that should have been the last but wasn’t!

David Redor: 52nd marathon of his incredible 2016 challenge – A marathon that should have been the last but wasn’t!

52 marathons in 52 weeks in the 50 states, plus Washington D.C. and the Bahamas: This was the challenge that David Redor – -Crazy Dave– had set himself for 2016. And on December 17, 2016, he completed his challenge!
The 52nd marathon in Little Rock, AK was supposed to be the last of his 2016 challenge, but it wasn’t… In September 2016, while he was running the marathons of his initial Challenge, Redor realized that taking the dietary supplement Immun’Âge® allowed him to recover faster. And he started running “extra marathons”, as he called them, with 100 marathons within a year in mind. On December 31, 2016, after having run one marathon a day during the last weeks of the year, his 100-marathon-challenge was also completed!

David Redor has managed an amazing feat by running not 52 but 100 marathons within a year!

Endowed with extraordinary physical and psychological abilities, David Redor was able to manage – for a full year – all difficulties that come with long distance running, such as terrible weather conditions, dehydration, and many more. Never failing, he was able to avoid getting hurt or worn-out. Despite the very many trips that he had to take to get to each of the 50 states after each race, he never lost energy and completed both challenges in great shape, ready for new adventures.

Below are some interesting facts and numbers regarding the 100 marathons that David Redor ran in 362 days:

• 2,621.8 race miles, i.e. 4,500,000 strides (40 years of marathons for a reasonable runner!)
• 6 pairs of running shoes
• 26.6 lbs. lost
• 1,130 packets of Immun’Âge®, a fermented Papaya dietary supplement with unique antioxidative and immunostimulant properties.
• Some 80 gallons of Gatorade while racing
• Biggest difference in elevation change while ascending: Manitou Springs-Pikes Peak Summit (CO) 6,358 ft-14,114 ft.
• Biggest difference in elevation change while descending: Madison-Enny (MT) 8,599 ft-4,941 ft.
• 1 marathon run in underwear (suitcase was lost)!
• 1 lost suitcase
• 1 bag forgotten in a plane
• 125 flights
• 97,413 miles traveled by plane
• 11 airlines: American, United, Delta, JetBlue, Frontier, Southwest, Westjet, Suncountry, Alaska, Ravn, Hawaiian
• 8 trains
• 625 miles traveled by train
• 5 long distance buses
• 693 miles traveled by bus
• 36 rental cars
• 12,762 miles traveled by car
• Stopped twice by the police: one for speeding, once for driving without headlights. (I did not receive any ticket and offered a signed David Redor postcard to the officers.)
• 1 saved deer! (He was stuck in a fence.)
• 49 Airbnb rentals
• 35 hotels

Below is the text that David Redor wrote for his 52nd marathon.

Little Rock Marathon: Two gifts to end with a flourish!

After two weeks on the magnificent Hawaiian Islands, I went back to the continent experiencing a drastic change of temperature: It was 30° F when I got to Little Rock, AK. Tough change especially as I had to take several flights during the night. As soon as I landed, I first got my bib and then went to my hotel for a good rest.

After a good night’s sleep, I woke up at 5:15 with the alarm clock. I took three packets of Immun’Âge® as always before a marathon, and a few minutes later I had a fresh fruit juice and a cereal bar for breakfast. As I was getting ready, I checked the weather outside and got a great surprise! Some sort of miracle had happened: the temperature went from 30 to 68° F during the night! The first gift of the day.

I went to take the shuttle bus that took five minutes to get us to the start: we arrived around 6:30. I chatted with a few runners who were congratulating me… In a few hours, indeed, I was to complete my 2016 Challenge! 52 marathons in 52 weeks in the 50 states, plus D.C. and in the Bahamas…

After the national anthem, the run started: it was 7 o’clock. We started along the Arkansas River with a good pace. We crossed the Big Dam Bridge and ran on the other bank. I reached km 5 in 30 minutes. The sun was rising, the weather was good and the course flat and fast. Everything was well. We were running on the trail along the river and this was quite engaging.

I reached km 10 in 59 minutes feeling that I was going to accomplish a good marathon time. There were a few decent hills but nothing drastic. My pace was good. We headed towards Little Rock. At km 15 (reached in 1:29) we ran uphill across the second bridge, the Clinton Presidential Bridge. We turned around on the other bank of the river and took the same course back towards the start/finish line.

It was a beautiful hike. There were not too many people to encourage us but the volunteers working at the Aid stops created an exciting ambiance as it had often been the case this year! I really felt well. I reached km 20 in 2:00 and the half marathon in 2:06. I was on the pace to reach my personal best, which motivated me even more. I was in good spirits and was psyched up for doing a good time. We crossed the Big Dam Bridge back. I reached km 25 in 2:32.

We passed by the start/finish line at km 30 (reached in 3:06) and ran up the third bridge, the Two Rivers Bridge. We took the trail back on the other bank towards a park for a large loop. My back started hurting but nothing severe. The run was soon over: I was not going to let anything get in the way of me doing a good time for my 52nd and last marathon. I reached km 35 in 3:41. Steve, whom I met while running the marathon in Kansas, joined me but I left him behind after a short while.

It started to drizzle a bit, but I could see the finish line. There was no way that the light rain would stop me. I sped up from km 40 – reached in 4:18 – until the finish line which I crossed in 4:36:15 (marathon distance in 4:33:58). This was the second gift that I got that day.

They took my picture and congratulated me. I grabbed something to eat for later and rushed to the shuttle to get back to my car. I had to hurry up as I had to catch a flight to Jacksonville where I was to resume my other challenge! While performing my 52-marathon-in-a-year challenge, I realized that I could reach the magical number of 100 marathons and had started to run many extra marathons.

I still have to run one marathon every day to complete this second challenge by December 31.

My initial 2016 Challenge is done: one marathon in each of the 50 states, DC and Nassau in 52 weeks!

I had a wonderful year in this beautiful country where I have discovered magnificent places and met wonderful people. It’s time to be thankful and take stock.

I would like to thank:
• Pierre MANTELLO for his sponsorship and huge contribution to my challenge. Many thanks for introducing me to his extraordinary product Immun’Âge®. Without Pierre, and without the properties of his fermented papaya dietary supplement, this challenge would have certainly been way more difficult.
• My friends Thierry POMIES, Peggy MILLARD and LINKWORK VENTURES for their welcome, logistic and technical help around the clock, their PR work and the great dinners that helped me put back some kilos when I needed them the most!
• Florent LETUVEE at SXM INFOS for his huge PR work with the media as well as his work as Webmaster for my site and my Facebook page, and for many more contributions! The man can do everything!
• Soufiane BAKADA at Immun’Âge® for his efficient reactivity. He was a solid and invaluable help particularly when it came to logistics and when I did not have time to take care of bookings.
• Elizabeth KRISEK and Scott GOODRICH for their editing and translating my texts, as well as for their welcome. They were a great help.
• Gilles DUFOUR, McDonald’s AVIGNON, for his generous financial contribution.
• Ludovic MOUNIER, EGD FINANCE, for his friendship and financial support (not the first time): a loyal sponsor!
• Stéphane and Yoan PEYRONNY for their financial contribution as well as for the great evenings every time I came back to Saint Martin! Thanks for the good beers that perked me up!
• Claudia and the SPORTECH store for the high-quality sports gear they supplied me with.
• Vincent JACQUEMIN and the LOUBSOL co for their high-quality runner’s glasses! A fantastic product… made in France!
• Fadi HASBANI and HARLEY DAVIDSON SUPERBIKES SXM for their jacket that I wore almost every day. Great product!
• Florian MANIERE, Vincent VERGEZ and CUBE co for their financial contribution.
• MARCO at the YELLOW BEACH RESTAURANT for his kind financial contribution.
• Pascal CASTAING, SERIGRAPHIX co, for his screen printing work on my runner’s outfits.
• Fabrice LAUTEL of the organic bar restaurant SUSHIS N JUICE for his invaluable contacts.
• Patrick BELISE at MB COACHING for his kind financial contribution.
• Lévy TONY for his kind financial contribution.

Many thanks to all of you, friends and family, who have followed me, motivating and encouraging me all year long: that was such a great help!

To conclude, I chose a quotation that I found great. It reflects very well what I have experienced this year as well as life in general.

Happy New Year to all of you!

“… There is no happiness without courage nor virtue without struggle.”
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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